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卡耐基梅隆和 Rales 基金会宣布开创性举措,以扩大 STEM 教育的普及范围
Carnegie Mellon, Rales Foundation Announce Groundbreaking Initiative To Broaden Access to STEM Education
卡耐基梅隆大学和 Norman and Ruth Rales 基金会今天宣布了一项变革性的新举措,以帮助解决数以百万“失踪人口”的问题。因个人情况形成的巨大障碍,让这些人难以追寻在科学、技术、工程和数学领域(STEM)的职业生涯,为他们创造机会并使他们参与加入到 STEM 专业,是国家经济繁荣、安全和全球竞争力的重点。
CMU Rales Fellows Program 将增加 STEM 研究生教育的机会,帮助培养新一代国家级 STEM 的领导者。该计划的核心是通过提供全额学费和津贴,为资源匮乏或者代表性不足的学生(包括第一代学生)消除研读硕士或者博士学位的经济成本障碍。它还将通过一个独特且全面的生态系统表示支持,为学生提供发展和交流机会,可以让研究员在 CMU 期间和职业发展过程中受益。
Rales 基金会的捐赠将提供 1.1 亿美元的捐赠来支持该计划,CMU 也承诺再提供 3000 万美元的捐赠基金。两个组织还共同建立了一个 1000 万美元的基金,以支持该项目的发展。第一批学生将于 2024 年秋季入学;在稳定状态下,CMU Rales Fellows Program 预计每年将永久资助 STEM 领域的 86 名研究生,希望能在未来几十年培养数以千计的研究和行业领导者。
“应对我们现代世界的挑战将需要一群才华横溢的 STEM 开拓者的共同努力,他们可以带来多样化的想法和经验来构建解决方案。 CMU 校长 Farnam Jahanian 说道,“CMU Rales Fellows Program 的计划核心是致力于消除现有障碍并赋予下一代人才权利,以便他们能够运用自己的技能和聪明才智实现新的科技突破,造福人类。CMU 很感谢 Rales 基金会的慷慨支持,我们很荣幸能与他们合作,实现我们对这一倡议的共同愿景,并纪念 Norman 和 Ruth Rales 的遗产
Carnegie Mellon University and the Norman and Ruth Rales Foundation today announced a transformative new initiative to help address the Missing Millions — individuals whose personal circumstances have presented a significant obstacle to careers in the science, technology, engineering and math fields (STEM). Engaging and creating opportunities for these individuals to join the STEM professions is a priority for the nation's economic prosperity, security and global competitiveness.
The CMU Rales Fellows Program will increase access to STEM graduate education and help cultivate a new generation of domestic national STEM leaders. At its core, the program will eliminate cost as a barrier to select master's degree and Ph.D. programs for students from under-resourced and underrepresented backgrounds, including first-generation students, by providing full tuition and a stipend; it also will support students through a distinctive, holistic ecosystem of developmental and networking opportunities that will benefit Fellows both during their time at CMU and as they advance in their careers.
The Rales Foundation gift will provide an endowment of $110 million to support the program, and CMU has committed a further $30 million in endowed funds. The two organizations also are jointly establishing a $10 million fund to support the program's developmental years. The first cohort of students will enroll in fall 2024; at steady state, the CMU Rales Fellows Program is expected each year to underwrite 86 graduate students in STEM fields in perpetuity, educating thousands of research and industry leaders in the coming decades.
"Addressing the challenges of our modern world will require the concerted efforts of a highly talented pool of STEM trailblazers who can bring a diversity of ideas and experiences to engender solutions," said CMU President Farnam Jahanian. "At the heart of the CMU Rales Fellows Program is a commitment to remove existing barriers and empower this next generation of domestic talent so they can apply their skills and ingenuity to realize new scientific and technological breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity. CMU is grateful to the Rales Foundation for their generous support, and we are honored to partner with them to enact our shared vision for this initiative and to honor the legacy of Norman and Ruth Rales."
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