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卡耐基梅隆大学校长 Farnam Jahanian 连任第二个五年任期
Carnegie Mellon President Farnam Jahanian Reappointed for a Second Five-Year Term
卡耐基梅隆大学董事会于 2 月 16 日批准将继续任命 Farnam Jahanian 为校长,任期第二个五年。Jahanian 于 2018 年成为卡耐基梅隆大学的第 10 任校长。
校长审查委员会于 2022 年 10 月成立,他们根据根据大学章程推荐了重新任命。该委员会由董事会副主席 Anne Molloy 和教职工参议院主席 Neil Donahue 共同主持,由六位受托人和六名教职员工组成。除了从更广泛的大学社区征求意见之外,委员会还从各个机构的角度采访了 70 多人。
在向全球的 CMU 社区宣布重新任命的消息中,董事会主席 David Coulter 引用了委员会的最终报告,报告中指出“在大学使命的所有类别中——学术、学生体验、科研、进步、DEIB,以及也许是最重要的地方级别、国家级别、甚至跨国规模的社区建设——我们在审查中收集和思考的大量证据表明,在未来五年能以最有效率、有成果且一致的方式领导卡耐基梅隆大学前进的人,是 Farnam Jahanian。”

Coulter 补充道,“董事会感谢委员会成员在这项重要工作中所做的服务,并感谢提供反馈的每一位社区成员。“
“在过去的五年能够担任卡耐基梅隆大学的校长是我的无限荣幸,能与 CMU 杰出的教职员工、敬业的员工和优秀的学生一起工作,以及与校内外的领导者、合作伙伴和利益相关者,还有我们超过 125,000 名校友。” Jahanian 说,“我现在更加热切地相信卡耐基梅隆大学能在这个关键时刻为社会提供独特优势:富有远见的创造力和发现、尖端的科学和技术奖学金,以及培养下一代领导者的承诺,他们将充满激情、专注和人性光辉,勇敢应对未来的复杂挑战。”

Carnegie Mellon University's Board of Trustees today approved the reappointment of President Farnam Jahanian for a second five-year term. Jahanian became Carnegie Mellon's 10th president in 2018.
The reappointment was recommended by the Presidential Review Committee formed in October 2022 in accordance with university bylaws. The committee was co-chaired by Board Vice-Chair Anne Molloy and Faculty Senate Chair Neil Donahue, and consisted of six trustees and six faculty members. The committee interviewed more than 70 individuals from a variety of institutional perspectives, in addition to soliciting comments from the broader university community.
In his message to the global CMU community announcing the reappointment, Board Chair David Coulter quoted the committee's final report, which noted that "Across all categories of the university's mission — academics, the student experience, research, advancement, DEIB and, perhaps most important, community building on a local, national and transnational scale — the large body of evidence that we gathered and pondered in our review revealed that Farnam Jahanian is the right person to lead Carnegie Mellon forward in the most productive, fruitful and unifying way over the next five years."
In its unanimous recommendation for reappointment, the committee also noted the president's "powerful and modern view of the role of a top university in research," his advocacy for its research mission, and his "obvious love" of students and intense focus on the student experience.
"The board extends our thanks to the committee members for their service in this important effort and to each member of the community who provided feedback," added Coulter.
"It has been a profound and humbling privilege to serve Carnegie Mellon as president over the past five years, working alongside CMU's brilliant faculty, dedicated staff and exceptional students — and with leaders, partners and stakeholders on and off campus, including our more than 125,000 alumni," said Jahanian. "I believe even more fervently today in the unique strengths that Carnegie Mellon brings to this pivotal moment for society: visionary creativity and discovery, cutting-edge scientific and technological scholarship, and a commitment to developing the next generation of leaders who can tackle complex challenges with passion, focus and humanity."
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