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A proctored exam is difficult to manage due to manual monitoring of such exams, however, we can still work out a proctored exam for you. All you need to do is share your exam details and we can discuss the feasibility of taking it for you. Relatively speaking, middle school students in the system tend to learn ability is not particularly strong, to the university will be better. Because the Chinese traditional cramming education basically arranges everything for the students, the children will accept it accordingly. That is to say, they learn what they are told to learn, they do what they are told to do, and the content they produce is mostly the same. Because they are basically doing the arranged things, arranged homework, arranged activities, it is difficult to have the autonomy to control their own study, life and all aspects. As a result, children lose the ability to think independently, learn independently and innovate. So what is good learning ability? It is nothing more than the ability to know what you want to learn and how to achieve it. Knowing what to learn and how to learn it is more important than the content itself. Take the right path to have no detours, choose the right direction will not be opposite. Other factors necessary for self-study, such as time, financial ability, learning environment, etc. Time; First of all, time must be sufficient, and it is effective time to devote to study. Self-study is to plan everything by oneself, so the direction needs to be set by oneself, sometimes there will be a little detour. Study materials are also time-consuming because they need to be purchased or prepared online. So it’s almost impossible to study by yourself if you’re close to the exam date. It is advisable to prepare early and try to teach yourself when you have enough time. Learning environment; This is also a very important factor. Most people, whether students or working adults, have no access to books at home, so without a good learning environment, the efficiency of self-study is often limited.Or my experience and strategies for Success is to pay a gre online exam helper to take my gre.

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