Refining Success. This will be the title of my book in 5 years.
My friend Yael asks me who I’m looking for as speakers for Loving Life Conversation Series? What questions I want to ask?
Questions I have:
1. How do you define success of your life?
2. How do you manage energy?
3. How do you make decisions?
My only criteria:
Extreme alignment between what you think, what you say and what you do.
Who I want:
I want people who are interesting. What do I mean?
I want people who are committed. Who have passion. Whatever that passion it. From teaching stuffed animals math lessons to painting walls.
People who LOVE what they do.
People who do things not because of prestige or money but because they love it.
People who are brave enough to say no to things that don’t feel 100%.
People who LIVE what they dream or imagine. To make reality out of those longings of longings.
And because of all above, I need to launch Loving Life to LIVE IT myself, despite the fact that I have 2 kids and need to put food on the table.
To take risks in life.
And if I can succeed, then it will be living proof that we all have a shot.
All my speakers are people who have proof that this, can be done. Because they, have done it. They, are doing it.
Not when they already had 1B dollars in their bank accounts and only after they were free to do what they love.
But when they didn’t have 1B dollars in bank accounts and still made the difficult choice to live their life, in a big brave courageous authentic way. As a result, they now have 1B dollars. Not just in physical money but in the value creation in their life. Whatever they value the most.
This is what I mean by “Money Will Come.”
How you can engage:
1. Speaker recommendations who fit criteria above
2. To fund my life with 2 kids and build runway, I offer advisory services to startups. Talk to me if your startups need help with pitch deck, story telling, product market fit, competitive landscape, go to market, strategy and operations, hiring great talent, mental support since I am an expert in mental health or you simply need hugs or someone to talk on how to deal with extremely difficult situations and turn them into the best presents for your life!
3. In the future, I want to launch an accelerator and fund to support people who are brave enough to make this jump. I believe that my Loving Life Conversation Series will have inspired and empowered more people to make that choice. All the VCs, entrepreneurs, creators, past speakers can invest and help these brave entrepreneurs go to the moon and offer more proof to the creatable universe we live in that “Money Will Come.”
Special thanks to Ashmeet Sidana for being my champion through action, to Chris Yeh for saying yes to my speaker invitation, to Mohammed AlMunifi for the giving me trust and concrete ideas how to run this, to Zhang Shuning for inspiring me with his life as entrepreneur and investor. And to family for unconditional support. I’m immensely grateful.
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