Seven Xiamen-based companies listed on Fortune China 500
Fortune magazine released its annual Fortune China 500 list last week, including seven Xiamen-based companies on its list of China's largest companies by revenue. Xiamen C&D ranked 15th on the list with an annual revenue of 707.8 billion yuan, the highest position among Xiamen-based companies. Other listed Xiamen-based companies include Xiamen ITG, Xiamen Xiangyu, Xindeco, Chengtun Mining, Xiamen Tungsten and the Xiamen International Port Corporation.
Jimei to establish Goodwill restaurants
Jimei officials recently announced the launch of a charity program to set up a series of centrally-located restaurants for the distribution of free meals for people in need. Catering businesses can join the program by applying at sub-district administration offices or at the district's Goodwill office. Private donations of free meals are welcomed at the restaurants.
Financial Service Alliance for Taiwan Enterprises established
The annual Straits Forum kicked off last week at the Xiamen Conference Center. Activities at the forum included a Taiwan Enterprise Development Summit that focused capital market opportunities and growth opportunities for Taiwan-based enterprises.
Jinyuan Group and a coalition of partners announced during the forum the creation of China's first Financial Service Alliance for Taiwan Enterprises. Partners include the Finance Industry Cooperation Promotion Group of the Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs Summit, Jinyuan President Securities and the National Taiwan Enterprises Finance Commission. The alliance signed service agreements with five Taiwan affairs offices, five Taiwan Youth Startup Bases and the representatives of multiple Taiwan-based firms.
In related news, a collective signing ceremony was held last week at the forum for 13 projects with investments by Taiwan enterprises. The projects include almost 12 billion yuan in funding from Taiwan enterprises including Kunqiao Capital, Lanhor Fund Three and East Asia Machinery.
XM hosts Cross-Strait Disabled Persons Exchange Carnival
Xiamen last week hosted both the annual Strait Forum and the Cross-Strait Disabled Persons Exchange Carnival. The carnival launched in 2015 as part of the forum and is now in its seventh consecutive year.
Event participants included more than 100 representatives of disability organizations and employers as well as disability advocates, experts and scholars. Representatives of the Fujian Disabled Persons Federation also attended the forum and carnival, as did participants from places such as Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.
Zhao Sujing, vice president of the China Disabled Persons Federation, gave a keynote speech at the event. Zhao Sujing called for increased cooperation across the Taiwan Strait in the effort to improve the lives of disabled people in areas such as education, employment, sports and culture in the era of covid-19.
XM division of Young Maker competition wraps up
The Xiamen portion of this year's China-U.S. Young Maker Competition qualification trials recently concluded. Now in its eighth consecutive year, the local portion of the event is sponsored by Fujian's education department and conducted by Xiamen University. The event included over 1,100 participants spread across more than 300 teams from 76 Chinese and international universities. The event produced nearly 110 finalists from 25 teams who revised their works in a 48-hour Maker marathon.
New high-tech firms by overseas students to earn local financial aid
Xiamen officials recently announced that overseas students who set up new high-tech firms in Xiamen can apply for the city's annual subsidy program. The fund includes a one-time subsidy of up to 500,000 yuan.
To qualify for the program, graduates of overseas academic programs must found companies in selected high-tech fields. Applicants must be less than 55 years old and must work in the city for more than half the year. Overseas students must serve as legal representatives or technical directors and must hold at least 30 percent of a company's shares for a project to be eligible for the program.
XM hosts provincial sailing and sailboard competition
The annual sailing and sailboard competition for Fujian's Provincial Games recently launched in the waters off Xiamen Calligraphy Square. This is the fourth time for Xiamen to host this competition, following previous editions in 1998, 2006 and 2010.
More than 200 athletes from Fuzhou, Longyan, Nanping, Ningde, Quanzhou, Sanming, Xiamen and Zhangzhou participated in the competition. This is the first-ever provincial sailing competition with more than 200 participants since Fujian began hosting the event in the 1950s.
The Xiamen Sports Industry Group operated the event. The competition included 24 gold medals in a trio of categories.
XM lists nine danger areas for coastal waters
Xiamen officials recently reported that the city's 110 service received nearly 100 emergency calls for help this year, including 84 marine cases. The totals include 45 marine cases in June, accounting for more than half of the year's total to date.
Local police identified nine dangerous coastal waters that pose a risk of drowning. The areas include Cape Number Nice off Haicang boulevard, the Gulangyu ferry terminal area, the Xiamen University Baicheng beach area, the Zeng Cuoan beach, the beach adjacent to the One Country Two Systems sign off Yefengzhai, the beach adjacent to the Xiamen Exhibition Center, Wuyuan Bay, the Romantic Coastline off Binhai west road in Tongan and the coastal area adjacent to the Xiatanwei wetlands in Xiangan.
59 cities including Xiamen to carry out municipal assessments
China's General Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development announced recently that 59 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen will carry out municipal reviews. The urban assessments are set to include internal reviews paired with third-party examinations and social satisfaction surveys. The urban assessment covers areas such as the municipal living environment, the health of area residents, security and transportation. Other aspects include municipal cleanliness, diversity and innovation.
Xiamen Ferry's largest wharf boat launched
Xiamen Ferry officials last week announced the debut of its Min Xiamen Dun 35 wharf boat, which was built by the Fujian Guoan Shipping Company in Longhai, Zhangzhou. The new vessel is the largest of its kind in the company's fleet. The wharf boat, which will moor at Gulangyu's Neicuoao wharf, is capable of processing two passenger ships simultaneously. The new wharf boat offers more customer space than its predecessor as well as improved security and more robust emergency supplies.
XM provides semi-annual update on key provincial projects
City officials last week announced that actual completed investment in 125 key provincial projects under construction in Xiamen reached 46.8 billion yuan in the first half of the year. Investment in the year through June is well ahead of initial plans for 37.7 billion yuan in the period, accounting for 64 percent of planned investment for the year, according to the Xiamen Municipal Development and Reform Commission.
Xiamen boasts nine of Fujian's top 10 summer scenic spots
A report by Ctrip covering the summer tourism market included indication that the domestic tourism market is in a state of gradual recovery. The national hotel and tourism markets are at a reported 70 percent of last year's figures. Hotel bookings in seaside destinations such as Qingdao, Sanya, Shengsi, Wanning and Xiamen are on par with last year and up 34 percent over the same period in 2019. On the provincial level, nine of Fujian's 10 most popular scenic spots this summer are in Xiamen.

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