XM cruise economy relaunches
Cruises from Xiamen Port relaunched earlier this month when the China Merchants Aden Hospitality (pictured) hit the waters with 235 passengers. The cruise is the first to visit Xiamen since the outbreak of Covid-19, marking a key step toward recovery for the cruise industry after more than 900 days in dry dock.
XM moves to boost local air freight industry
City officials last week announced the rollout of a series of measures designed to boost the cross-border air freight industry in Xiamen. The program runs through 2025 and includes a 1.7-billion-yuan subsidy pool. The suite of 18 measures are designed to foster regular cargo air routes from Xiamen, according to local officials. Authorities estimate that cargo and mail throughput for the Xiamen Airport will hit 180,000 tons next year and 200,000 tons in 2024.
Pair of industry exhibitions open at the XICEC
The annual Xiamen Industry Exposition (XMIE) and the annual China Xiamen Machinery and Electronics Exhibition kicked off at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center (XICEC) last Thursday. The four-day exposition featured an exhibition area of 75,000 square meters and nearly 800 exhibitors.
Joint sponsors of the event included the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, the China Machinery Industry Federation, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association and the Xiamen Conference and Exhibition Promotion Center.
Featured exhibits covered multiple aspects of industrial manufacturing, including intelligent manufacturing, numerically-controlled machine tools, industrial software and engineering plants.
More than 1,500 brands participated in the event. Business-to-business platform Baidu hosted an immersive product experience exhibition area. The exposition also featured more than 20 support events such as technology exchange meetings, demand-supply matchmakings, new product releases and industry forums.
Xiamen ranked 26th on list of Chinese cities
A recently-released reported by the Shanghai-based Wharton Economic Institute listed Xiamen at 26 on its list of China's most powerful cities. The list ranked cities based on criteria including GDP, resident savings, finance, environment, science, education, culture and hygiene.
In related news, local authorities last week announced that Xiamen's regional gross domestic product last year topped 703.3 billion yuan, up 8.1 percent year-on-year, Xiamen's growth rate was the highest for all sub-provincial cities in China. Per capita GDP in Xiamen moved farther above the $20,000 threshold that is considered the international standard for a primary developed economy.
Foreign sci-tech consultants visit Xiamen Science City
A group of foreign sci-tech commissioners toured Xiamen Science City last Thursday. The Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau and the Xiamen Foreign Professionals Service Center organized the event.
The commissioners hail from countries such as Egypt, India, Japan and the United States. They are experts in fields such as semiconductors, animation design, intelligent manufacturing and marine ecology.
Representatives from the Tongan New Town headquarters guided the delegation on the visit, which includes stops at the Huandong Yungu, Meifeng Chuanggu and Yincheng Zhigu parks. Other destinations included the NetEase Xiamen Digital Industry Center and the Yincheng Zhigu apartment complex.
Xiamen-made BRT buses sent to Pakistan
The Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Company hosted a delivery ceremony at Dongdu Port last week as it loaded and shipped 62 Golden Dragon new-energy BRT buses to Pakistan. The shipment concluded the transfer of 220 Golden Dragon buses to Peshawar, Pakistan, for the city's BRT project.
Golden Dragon won the international competition in 2018 to became the sole vehicle supplier for the Peshawar project. The 220 hybrid buses are equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, USB ports and wheelchair access. The fleet can serve up to 340,000 passengers daily.
Water source connection project ready for water diversion
Xiamen Water Group representatives last week announced that the portion of the Xiamen water source connection project connecting the Shidou reservoir and the Xishan Waterworks is now ready to accept water diversion.
The project connects Shidou reservoir, Xiamen's largest reservoir in Xiamen, with the Xishan Waterworks, which is the largest waterworks in Tongan. The project also connects with the Lianhua and Tingxi reservoirs. Xiamen Water Group officials said that the 402-million-yuan project will improve the utilization of local reservoir water resources.
Xiamen rolls out multi-year plan to boost local IP industry
City representatives last week debuted the implementation plans of its program to boost Xiamen as a center of intellectual property rights in China by 2025. The suite of plans include more than a dozen measures covering intellectual property areas such as IP protection, operation and exchange and cooperation.
Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall launches online exhibition
The Xiamen Museum recently launched an online VR exhibition of the Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall to commemorate the 360th anniversary of Zheng Chenggong's regaining of Taiwan. The exhibition is available for perusal on the Xiamen Museum's website and厦门博物馆WeChat.
In addition to a textual introduction and high-resolution photographs of cultural relics, the exhibition includes audio commentary and 720-degree zooming to simulate the experience of an on-site visit.
Xiamen airport and harbor throughput ranks fourth through June
Border authorities recently released a work report covering key numbers in the first half of the year, ranking Xiamen's airport and harbor throughput fourth overall in China. More than 200,000 passengers entered and left the Chinese mainland via Xiamen. More than 4,200 international flights and ships cleared customs in Xiamen through June.
Main structure completed for XM's largest affordable housing project
Construction wrapped up recently on the main structure of the Hengbian residential area, which is the largest affordable housing project under construction in Xiamen. The project is currently 100 days ahead of schedule. The complex is slated for delivery in the second half of 2023.
Situated in the Caicuo area of Xiangan, the residential complex also includes facilities such as kindergartens, elderly daycare centers, community service centers and fresh food supermarkets.
Tongan juvenile legal education base opens to local students
The Tongan Juvenile Legal Education Base recently opened to all primary and middle school students in Xiamen. The base will remain open throughout the summer school vacation. Officials said that the base incorporates virtual narration, interactive multimedia and other technologies in its demonstration exhibits.
Focusing on cases and issues provided by the Tongan District Procuratorate, the base is designed to promote legal knowledge for area students. The center is open from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays through the end of August 31. Appointments can be made by calling (592) 353-2889 or (592) 353-2892.

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