Xiamen hosts Alumni Economy Development Conference
Xiamen last week hosted a series of events tied to the Alumni Economy Development Conference, which debuted last Friday. The events included a founding ceremony for the Xiamen Alumni Economy Alliance. More than 200 alumni from 70 universities participated in the live-streamed development conference.
Tan Kah Kee biopic set to begin shooting in Xiamen
Filming of the upcoming Tan Kah Kee biopic began last week in Xiamen. Directed by Huang Jianzhong, the movie focuses on the life and contributions of the Jimei-born overseas Chinese leader and business pioneer. Tan Kah Kee is also the founder of Xiamen University and Jimei University.
Xiamen tops Fujian for its SME development environment
United Nations officials on June 27 released an evaluation report of the development environment of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Fujian. The release coincided with the U.N.'s sixth Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day. The companies are known collectively as MSMEs.
Fujian scored 62.81 points for its development environment of SMEs last year, up 2.75 points over 2020. Xiamen ranked first in Fujian, leading the province in indicators such as governmental administration service, innovation environment and marketing environment. Fuzhou and Longyan rounded off the provincial top three.
The U.N. report listed key practices used by cities to aid in the development of SMEs, including items such as financial and tax support. Xiamen led the province in integrating its industrial investment and fund system as part of the ongoing effort to transform the practice of traditional subsidies into market-based equity investment.
XM hosts emergency flood and typhoon drill
The city of Xiamen last week hosted a municipal flood and typhoon emergency drill in Huli's Fengtou subdistrict. The Xiamen Flood Control and Drought Relief Command Office and the Xiamen Emergency Management Bureau organized the drill, along with guidance by the Fujian Flood Control and Drought Relief Command and the Fujian Emergency Management Bureau. The one-hour drill was broadcast live on xmnn.cn with more than 50,000 views.
Work begins on new Tongan primary and secondary school campus
Tongan officials last week announced the official start of construction in the district's new urban district on a new primary and secondary school campus. The new school will be affiliated with the Xiamen Academy of Educational Science. The 550-million-yuan facility will include 48 primary and middle school classrooms. The school will accommodate a total of more than 4,500 students. The campus is located in the Meifeng section of Tongan. The facility is bounded by Yining road, Meiyang road, Guanan South road and Middle Binxian road.
Free tickets to scenic spots boost XM cultural tourism
Local authorities recently reported a surge in admissions to a number of state-owned scenic spots in Xiamen as the summer travel season ramps up. Authorities attributed the surge in part to the issuance of free tickets to multiple local scenic spots.
Gulangyu's five core scenic spots reported attendance at up to 70 percent of their pre-epidemic levels. Booking for multiple hotels exceed 60 percent of their pre-epidemic levels.
Travel website Ctrip representatives noted that bookings for star-rated hotels in Xiamen are up by more than 50 percent month-on-month.
Roof work completed for convention and exhibition center in Xiangan
City officials announced last week the conclusion of roof work on the main structure of the upcoming Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center --Conference Center. Located in the Eastern (Xiangan) New Town of Sports, the facility will become the largest column-free multi-functional conference hall in China upon its completion in 2023. The facility is also Fujian's largest single building.
Main structure capped for new Zhongshan Hospital building
Officials from the Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University announced recently the capping of construction on its new facility for the hospital's outpatient and emergency services. Work has begun on the building's interior decoration, equipment installation and exterior support projects.
The new facility is southwest of the hospital headquarters. With a total construction area of more than 80,000 square meters, the new complex is designed to accommodate up to 10,000 outpatient visits daily. The facility includes 430 inpatient beds and 426 parking spots.
When the project is completed by the end of 2023, it will double the hospital's capacity for outpatients, hospitalizations and operations.
XM citizen volunteers witness release of 6.9M fish fry
The Xiamen Ocean and Fishery Research Institute recently hosted at Oucuo's fishing port wharf a series of science activities designed to raise marine culture awareness. The event included the participation of 30 volunteers. The event was tied to the release of 6.9 million fish fry by the Xiamen Ocean Development Bureau. The release included 3.5 million yellowfin seabream, two million red porgies and 1.39 million black porgies.
Summer holidays begin this week for local high schools
Local high schools wrap up their academic year at the end of the week, following the conclusion of the grade school and middle school academic year last week. Teachers, staff members and students have been cleared to depart the region in an orderly manner if they have plans to travel to areas deemed at low risk of covid-19.
Staff and students who intend to leave Fujian must first submit their itineraries to the authorities via the Xiamen Teacher and Student Health Report System. Neither staff and students nor the people with whom they dwell will be required to update personal data into the system until the runup to the fall semester.
More than 7,700 students from Hong Kong and Macao study in XM
Local education authorities announced recently that more than 1,900 students from Hong Kong and Macao study at universities in Xiamen. Additionally, more than 5,800 students from Hong Kong and Macao study at local kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
Xiamen University first recruited students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan through the joint entrance examination, one of the first mainland universities to do so.
Companies that help place students in schools include EIC Education, a consultancy service for studying in Hong Kong. According to Ding Jingfang, EIC Education's general manager in Xiamen, the company has helped 200 to 300 Xiamen students find places of study in Hong Kong, an upward trend of approximately 30 percent over the past three years.

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