Xiamen Port unfurls 15th international cargo liner route
Xiamen Port representatives last week announced the official launch of the enterprise's 15th international cargo liner route, which operates from Haitian wharf. Serviced by four container ships, the route includes ports in Klang (Malaysia), Laem Chabang (Thailand), Pusan (the Republic of Korea) and Singapore.
Xiamen Art Gallery debuts Chinese painting exhibit
The Xiamen Art Gallery at the Xiamen Art Center last week debuted a new exhibition featuring claborate-style Chinese paintings. A group of 19 students led by artist Chen Heqing created the 150 works on display. The exhibition runs through November 21 and admission is free.
Local Jimei ploggers clean up and raise awareness
Zhou Weixiu, who oversees an environmental protection mountaineering volunteer service team in Gunkou, announced last week that a volunteer group of Jimei ploggers have collected nearly 250 pounds of garbage over the past nine months.
“Once a month, we issue a rallying cry and 20-some volunteers head to Xianlingqi Mountain to pick up garbage,” said Mr. Zhou. The volunteer team, which began in February with five members, now has more than 70 participants. Volunteers also work to persuade tourists to practice good environmental protection habits.
Safety is the top priority, according to Wang Li, who has more than a decade of mountaineering experience. Each trip includes a designated safety monitor, he added.
Volunteer Wang Liya brings her entire family on her outings. “Our goal is to enhance people's awareness of environmental protection.”
XM launches Wechat mini-app dedicated to local riverways
City officials last week announced the official launch of the 爱河湖Wechat mini-app. Representatives described the mini-app as a tool for local residents to engage in river and lake protection by encouraging them to report and communicate issues tied to local waterways and bodies of water.
The mini-app covers nine streams and five lakes in Xiamen. Users can report local water conditions and submit details about potential water pollution. The mini-app can also be accessed via the 厦门河长在行动Wechat account.
Amoy sailboat celebrates 10th anniversary of first global voyage
Xiamen Ocean Vocational College recently held a commemoration event for the 10th anniversary of its Amoy sailboat's first global voyage. The Amoy first set sail from Wuyuan bay in November 2011 on a voyage that covered 23,600 nautical miles in 316 days. College officials described the initial voyage as the first time for a Chinese sailing ship to cross the South Pacific along the westerlies, bypass Cape Horn and sail worldwide along Earth's geographical contour.
Xiamen's first handball association established
The Huli District Handball Association officially debuted earlier this month, becoming the city's first handball club. Organization representatives said it will team up with Huli's Children Amateur Sports School to promote handball in district schools. Association officials said that they hoped the partnership will popularize handball in Huli and promote the integration of handball into the physical education programs of area schools.
Xiamen Botanical Garden moves toward national 5A rating
The Xiamen Botanical Garden recently announced further steps toward its goal of a national 5A tourist attraction rating, including 10 renovated easy-access bus stops. Other improvements include quadrilingual guide signs in Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. New signage includes the direction and distance to various park amenities.        
The garden is also set to roll out a new digital map and amenities guide later this month. The digital guide will be available through WeChat and other apps.
XM high schooler Zhang Wozheng releases sax album
Local student Zhang Wozheng recently released a solo saxophone album entitled My Heart Will Go On. The 16-year-old sophomore is a student at Xiamen Yingcai School. The album features works from a range of countries and periods, including classical Western music and modern classics. The young musician has already completed saxophone examinations at both the Central Conservatory of Music and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
New bus line debuts linking Zhangzhou Port and the Xiamen Railway Station
Zhangzhou Development Zone Transportation Bureau officials last week announced the commencement of trial operations on a new bus line linking Xinyun Valley (located in the China Merchants Zhangzhou Development Zone) and the Xiamen Railway Station. The route is operated by the Yuanxiang (Xiamen) Airport Express Company.
The bus route also makes stops at Xiamen University's Zhangzhou campus, the China Merchants Hotel in Zhangzhou and the SM City Plaza Xiamen. The 75-minute trip covers 51.6 kilometers. The one-way fare of 35 yuan is currently discounted to 19.9 yuan. A round trip costs double the price. More information is available at the招商局芯云谷 (xin-yungu) and 元翔空港快线 (yxkgkx) WeChat accounts.
29 XM firms ranked on list of Fujian's Top 100 companies
City official released a ranking of Fujian's top 100 companies during the recent Fujian Entrepreneurs Forum in Fuzhou. The rankings listed Fujian's top 100 companies in four industry categories. Assessment criteria included stock value, revenue, employee numbers,etc.
A total of 29 Xiamen-based companies made Top Hundred Corporations, led by Xiamen C&D, the Xiamen ITG Group and Xiamen Xiangyu.
Xiamen scored 29 spots in the top 100 list for manufacturers, 37 spots in the list of service companies and 32 positions in the list for strategic emerging industries.
XM to host 2022 cross-border e-commerce exhibition
Representatives of the China (Xiamen) Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition announced last week that the exhibit's second annual edition will launch next year on June 15 at the Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 70,000 people are expected to attend the event.
Organizers of the three-day event include the Chamber of International Commerce Xiamen, the China Chamber of International Commerce, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Xiamen Committee) and the Ministry of Commerce's Trade Development Bureau.
Plans for next year's event include more than 70,000 square meters of exhibition space and over 2,500 international standard booths. This year's June edition covered 30,000 square meters of exhibition space.
XM announces goal of 650K new jobs
Local officials recently announced new details for Xiamen's 14th five-year plan for the city's human resources and social security development plan. The guide calls for 650,000 new jobs and an urban registered unemployment rate under five percent by the end of 2025. Other goals include a total of 4.85 million local social security card holders in the same timeframe.
Xiamen also plans to add a number of new technical colleges and universities in the next five years. Xiamen Technical College has a goal of 10,000 students by the end of 2025.

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