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It's another tense period of time of applying to college. With the gradual cancellation of standardized examinations and the negative impact of the one-year stay-at-home order on high school students' social life, how to stand out from the crowd and gain the favor of their favorite universities is something that every high school student must carefully plan. In such a big environment, except for quantifiable academic performance (GPA, AP, SAT, etc.), extracurricular hobbies become particularly important.
Field of Passion-the Cornerstone of Leadership
Most children have tried various extracurricular activities since childhood. After several years or even more than ten years, they gradually found several particular passions and insisted on them. As the saying goes, ten years are just a few seconds away, but it is not easy to achieve ten years of persistence; and those who have achieved success in their hobbies and hobbies are even rarer. For most children, if there is a platform such as JuniorCoach to help others with what they have learned over the past decade, wouldn't it be a very meaningful thing.
Since its establishment, JuniorCoach has covered a wide range of subjects. The teachers are not only limited to various subjects from elementary school to high school, but also play their strengths in various skills such as sports, musical instruments, painting, chess, handicraft, and technology. Students to Students, from big to small, one-on-one service to the majority of students. From the moment you registered as a JuniorCoach Volunteer Teacher, you have unknowingly transformed the hobbies you have persisted for many years into the foundation of successful leadership.
From Student to Teacher-Giving to Others & Improving Yourself
Entering high school is actually entering society. Students not only face various science professions, but also the classmates and classmates encountered in the school, and the problems between classmates and teachers begin to need to solve by themselves. Under the overwhelming pressure of academics, classmates, and teachers, how can we improve our ability to handle things and successfully pass the high school test and enter the ideal university?
As a student, study hard and practice hard;
The main job of students is learning. In addition to the basic courses, more students hope to challenge themselves, honors courses, AP courses, can choose multiple options. However, with the gradual cancellation of standardized exams this year, there is no more grades beyond the school’s GPA to measure a student’s excellence.
As a teacher, teach you to solve puzzles.

Joining JuniorCoach is not only a change from a student to a teacher, but also the sublimation of one's own abilities. Lesson preparation, teaching, answering questions, every step is a brand new experience for yourself. In this process, in addition to the dissemination of knowledge, it also strengthened its own soft power. Responding to difficulties and solving problems freely is the key to embodying leadership. At the moment of receiving the Presidential Volunteer Award, one year of hard work has been rewarded with heavy recognition and honor.
Key to Leadership-Soft Skills 
JniorCoach has set up a platform for every student to display their talents. Rather than talking about how to be a leader, is it better to say what can be changed in the process of becoming a leader?
Every student has his own potential, whether it is excellent academic performance (GPA) or outstanding extracurricular activities, it has proved your potential. When you actively join JuniorCoach to become a tutor, you show initiativeand motivity. When you spend time preparing lessons, communicating and organizing interest clubs, you have given full play to your creativity. When you encounter naughty students or difficult parents, you use your communication skills to successfully solve problems under pressure (ability to resist pressure). When you raise money to donate to the volunteer organization, you show your responsibility to the society. Finally, you can use your influence when you participate in the development of new members and the establishment of regional chapter, you are already a successful leader. Every word in bold and underlined here is the soft power accumulated in the process of becoming a leader. It shows your value and excellent quality in a solid manner. It is also a necessary evaluation standard in the teacher recommendation letter in the university application.
It's time to join JuniorCoach (please visit our website (
), we recruit outstanding young people from grade 7 and above: share your knowledge and use your talents; students to students, flexible time, online teaching; non-profit Organized and accumulated volunteer hours. Congratulations to the 23 students who have won the Presidential Volunteer Award this year. Here, you can expand your talents as much as you want, and enter the ideal university with excellent grades and solid leadership!

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