LEAP Career Workshop
Are you stressed out by annual performance reviews? Baffled by how to manage projects and communicate with stakeholders? Frustrated with work-from-home isolations?
Then come to join us at the LEAP eSalon:Smalltalks about Workplace (职场悄悄话) that will take place at 10am on Sunday October 24th. You will play fun online ice-breaker games, chitchat with a small group of fellow young professionals, and meet one or two mysterious guests, all in a casual and relaxed virtual setting.
Let’s trade and share our own stories and tricks about workspace to help each other survive and excel together.
LEAP Career Workshop (LEAP职场说) is a newly started series of interactive workshops aimed at solving real problems in the workplace and empowering professionals to build successful careers.
To assure maximal conversations, space is very limited. Hurry up to RSVP now!
Event Details
10am PDT, Sunday, October 24, 2021
Admission Fee:
Free registration but the space is limited.
Zoom Information:
Details for participation using Zoom will be sent to successful registrants via email.
You can RSVP at:
OR Scan the QR code below:
OR click “Read More” at the end of the article.
Event Collaborators
Thank you!
Written by Chao Zhang
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LEAP (Leadership, Excellence, Aspiration, Platform) Career Development Forum is a Los Angeles-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to building a trustworthy and sustained platform for professional growth and career advancement of young Asian Americans and those from Asian countries currently studying or working in America in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and related fields. 
Launched in February 2013 as an educational program under CESASC (Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California), LEAP was incorporated in June 2015 to become an independent organization with the exclusive focus on establishing a resourceful and open platform to advocate outstanding leadership, encourage professional excellence, cultivate great aspiration, and provide job opportunities.