On March 23, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying held a regular press conference. 
There is a reporter's question:
On May 22, the EU, the UK and Canada respectively announced unilateral sanctions against relevant individuals and entities under the pretext of the so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang. On the same day, the US announced sanctions against two Chinese officials in Xinjiang, which it said were in addition to sanctions imposed by the EU, the UK and Canada. The foreign ministers of the US, the UK and Canada issued a joint statement to put pressure on all parties. What is China's response?
Hua Chunying replied:
China strongly condemns the imposition of sanctions by the US, Canada, the UK and the EU on individuals and entities in Xinjiang under the pretext of human rights. This move is based on nothing but lies and disinformation. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has summoned ambassadors of the EU and the UK respectively to lodge solemn representations. 
Last night, at the earliest time possible, China stated its solemn position and announced sanctions against relevant individuals and entities on the European side. China has also lodged solemn representations with the US and Canadian side.
Over the past 40 years, the population of the Uyghur ethnic group in Xinjiang has increased from 5.5 million to 12.8 million, and the average life expectancy has increased from 30 to 72 years. People of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including the Uyghurs, enjoy each and every constitutional and lawful right. The fact that Xinjiang residents of various ethnic groups enjoy stability, security, development and progress, makes it one of the most successful human rights stories.
However, some politicians in the US, the UK, Canada and the EU clearly don't want to acknowledge this fact. They grabbed the so-called "evidence" maliciously fabricated by some anti-China politicians and scholars, even though the so-called "facts" are nothing but patchwork based on false "internal documents", "victim statements" and information from unknown sources. They have even taken out of context and distorted Chinese official documents and data. 
All this proves that it's never human rights and truth that they care about. They just do not want to see China's success, development and better livelihood. That's why they have been using human rights issues as a pretext for interfering in China's internal affairs and frustrate China's development. What they have done is utter denigration and offense to the reputation and dignity of the Chinese people, blatant interference of China's internal affairs, and grave violation of China's sovereignty and security interests.
It must be pointed out that these countries, who proclaim themselves to be "judges" of human rights and are keen to lecture others, have an ignoble record on human rights. They are not in the position to criticize China, much less to shift blames to China for what they have committed.
We can't help but asking: how could people have any right if they lost their lives? The United States and the West have been trumpeting protecting human rights, but who and what right on earth are they protecting? In what way are they respecting and protecting human rights? Shouldn't they feel shameful?
These a few countries are obsessed with lecturing others on human rights. But facts in the past have proved that they are neither qualified or capable of doing so. We hope they will understand that China today is not the same as Iraq, Libya or Syria, still less what it was 120 years ago. The days when foreign powers could force China to open its doors with cannons are long gone; also gone are the days when several so-called scholars and state media could unscrupulously malign China in collusion without being punished. 
We urge them not to underestimate Chinese people's firm determination to defend national interests and dignity. It's a courtesy to reciprocate what we receive. They will have to pay a price for their ignorance and arrogance.
The BBC reporter said that China has announced sanctions against relevant institutions and personnel of the EU. Given that Canada, the UK and the US have also joined the sanctions against China, will China also impose sanctions on them?
+ + + +
Hua Chunying replied:
The EU imposed sanctions on relevant Chinese individuals and entity on the basis of nothing but lies and disinformation fabricated by a handful of anti-China elements. Such moves disregard and distort facts, grossly interfere in China's internal affairs, flagrantly breach international law and basic norms governing international relations, and severely undermine China-EU relations. Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang summoned EU ambassador to China last night to lodge solemn representation and express firm opposition, stern condemnation and strong protest on the wrong decision of the EU. He also briefed on China's countermeasures. 
As I just said, China will take firm reactions to any country who cite lies and rumors to smear China, interfere in China's domestic affairs and undermine China's interest and dignity.
China requires people entering China to be vaccinated against Chinese vaccines, but some countries may find it difficult to get vaccinated against Chinese vaccines. Some people say this is also "vaccine nationalism". What is China's response?
+ + + +
Hua Chunying answered the Japanese media's question on the purpose of vaccinating Chinese and foreign correspondents in China
Hua Chunying replied:
Vaccines are our weapons against the virus and give us hope to save lives. Be it Chinese vaccine or foreign vaccine, so long as it is safe and effective, it is a good vaccine. China never asks others to receive Chinese vaccines. As a matter of fact, vaccines are much sought-after. 
We in China are in great need of them as well. The reason that we are willing to share them with others, whether by offering aid to more than 60 countries or facilitating the purchase of vaccines by over 40 countries or making vaccination available to foreigners in China, is to meet their needs and do the best we can to help.
With a view to resuming international travel in an orderly fashion, China has started to provide visa facilitation to incoming foreigners who have received Chinese vaccines and hold a vaccination certificate. This is a meaningful exploration of facilitating international travel once mass vaccination has been achieved on the basis of giving full consideration to safety and efficacy. 
Last year, China proposed that discussions be held on launching a mechanism for global recognition of health codes. On the basis of accommodating each other's concerns and friendly consultations, we stand ready to make mutually-beneficial arrangements with other sides to establish a new format for unhindered, healthy, safe and orderly cross-border travel.
Does this mean that people vaccinated with vaccines from other countries will be able to enter China in the future? If so, when would it be?
+ + + +
Hua Chunying replied:
I'll leave that to the experts. On the basis of accommodating each other's concerns and friendly consultations, we stand ready to explore launching with other countries flexible and diverse mutually-beneficial arrangements. With regard to mutual recognition and reciprocal measures, we hold an open attitude. We will make proper arrangement on the recommendations of experts. 
In fact, China has been in close communication with other countries to discuss reciprocal arrangement for vaccination. As long as a measure helps to prevent and control the epidemic and facilitate people-to-people exchanges, we are open to it.
When answering the question about the sanctions imposed by the EU on China, you listed the serious crimes of human rights violations committed by some western countries in history. But historians might say that a nation cannot justify itself by claiming that other nations have committed human rights abuses. 
Does China believe that since these countries have committed human rights violations in the past, China can do the same? What is China's response?
+ + + +
Hua Chunying replied:
I understand the logic of your question. But there is a substantial difference between the two, and they are completely different things. The severe human rights violations committed by the above-mentioned countries are plain facts, as you have admitted. However, the accusations made by the US, the UK, Canada and the EU on China's Xinjiang and the imposition of sanctions on relevant institutions and personnel are totally based on lies and disinformation. 
We have on many occasions expounded the actual situation in Xinjiang with facts. But very unfortunately, some politicians and the media in these countries choose to buy rumors and lies of anti-China scholars like Adrian Zens, completely ignore that the what they claimed to be "facts" is based on fake "internal documents", "the victims' statements" and information of unknown source. They are even misinterpreting and distorting China's official documents and data out of context. 
You can ask the CNN reporter, who sent us a written question that said a Xinjiang couple took their three children to Italy in 2016, but left four children in Xinjiang. This in itself is a slap in the face to those countries that accuse China of "forced sterilization" and "genocide" in Xinjiang. How come some even choose to buy this ridiculous false information and make foreign policy based on it? What a shame!
You have been to Xinjiang, and so have many of your colleagues. Xinjiang is open. As I said, doesn't the story of Xinjiang deserve to be hailed as one of the most successful human rights stories? Anyone who has been to Xinjiang will realize how ridiculous those centenary lies of some Western media and anti-China scholars are. We welcome all non-prejudiced people to visit Xinjiang and listen to what people there say, and hear their feelings about their lives. But we firmly reject any presumption of guilt in a condescending manner.
Is this right, in terms of further retaliation, it is possible that Canada, the US and the UK could also have sanctions applied to them in response for their support for these other sanctions?
+ + + +
Hua Chunying replied:
China urges relevant parties to reflect on themselves, face squarely the severity of their mistake and redress them. They must stop lecturing others on human rights and interfering in their internal affairs. They must end the hypocritical practice of double standards and stop going further down the wrong path. 
The fact is very clear. This is by no means a human rights issue. Their real purpose is to stop the Chinese people from living a good life and enjoying security, stability, development and prosperity. They want to create the so-called "Xinjiang issue" to contain China's development and undermine China's security and stability. Such an idea is nothing but wishful thinking. I hope they can realize this fact as soon as possible and don't go further down the wrong path, otherwise they will leave a very shameful mark in history.
China hopes to develop sound and steady relations and carry out mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries in the spirit of equality and mutual respect. The future of our cooperation should be bright, but no one shall underestimate China's firm determination and will to safeguard its sovereignty, security and development interests.
Today's China is by no means what it was 120 years ago. Gone are the days when the US and Western countries thought they could force China to yield, compromise and surrender through rumors, lies, slander, attack and containment.They may not have the ability to choke China and will eventually pay a heavy price for their foolishness and arrogance. We hope they can wake up and redress their mistakes at an early date. China is firmly resolved in safeguarding national sovereignty and dignity. We will make just and justified reactions to those who are bent on interfering in China's internal affairs and undermining China's interest.

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