International Student Department (ISD):ANU国际学生会
ANU Student Association (ANUSA):ANU本科学生会
Postgraduate and Research Student Association (PARSA):ANU研究生学生会
下周三,Market Day将至,各大社团全力以赴,迎接你的加入!
International Students Department
ISD (International Students Department) 全称澳洲国立大学国际学生会。 
ISD贯彻「学生自治,学生执行」的宗旨,为相关学生提供服务。 ISD执委会(Executive Representative)由大学全体国际学生每年投票选举产生9位学生代表而成,执委会亦下有4个由行政成员officers隶属团队。 ISD现有起过20位核心成员,有关相关成员及其相关资料:anuisd.com
  • 在学校不同层面的委员会上,执委会作为学生代表参与决策
  • 在涉及国际学生的事务上,保护学生的相关权利
  • 为国际生提供升学及就业辅导服务
  • 通过社交活动,促进不同学院的学生交流
  • 于各个学院设立学生代表,透过学生代表向学校反映学生诉求
  • 为国际学生提供不同免费服务,包括但不限于法律问题咨询,学生援助,紧急拨款,紧急贷款等。 
国际学生欢迎晚会International Student Welcoming Evening(ISWE)——8月3日
ISD周home away from home——8月21-25日
ISD舞会 ISD ball——9月14日
Melville Hall ANU Campus, Canberra, Australia
学生支援/普通查询:[email protected]
Postgraduate and Research Student Association
PARSA (Postgraduate & Research Students’Association) 是澳大利亚国立大学硕士博士研究生学生会。PARSA维护ANU所有硕博研究生的权利和福祉,同时PARSA提供一系列的服务,旨在为硕博研究生的学习和生活提供支持。并且,所有ANU的硕博研究生在入学时已自动成为PARSA的成员
PARSA为学生提供服务,同时也由学生管理。PARSA理事会(Postgraduate Representative Council)由澳大利亚国立大学全体在校硕博研究生每年投票选举产生30位学生代表组成,理事会的工作由执行委员会指导进行。有关理事会成员及其联系方式的更多信息,请浏览
  • 在学校不同层面的委员会上,理事会作为硕博研究生学生代表参与决策
  • 在涉及硕博研究生的事宜上,积极维护硕博研究生的相关权利
  • 为硕博研究生提供学习和就业方面的帮助和指导
  • 通过举办社交活动,使不同学院的学生可以在轻松的氛围中互动互通
  • 在各个学院均设立学生代表,通过学生代表向理事会和学校反映学生诉求
  • 为硕博研究生提供免费服务,如法律问题咨询;学生援助; 紧急拨款和紧急贷 款等。
PARSA for Welcome Week 2017    
 Free Admission 

July 24 – July 31Jul 24 at 9 AM to Jul 31 at 11 PM
Add: Pop-Up at ANUUniversity Avenue, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601
Meet new and continuing students at the Postgraduate Student Welcome, hear from renowned ANU researchers at ANU Tomorrow, and enjoy a day of family-friendly fun at PARSA's Big Day! 
PARSA have social events, educational events, and a day dedicated to family and friends in an exciting new venue, the pop-up village. Meet new people, join in on some great activities, and learn from the best. We've got it all. 
Here's a line-up of the amazing events on during Orientation and Welcome Week:
Monday 17 July - Postgraduate Brunch
Tuesday 18 - ANU 3 Minute Thesis Launch: Meeting of the Minds
Monday 24 - 5 Minute Meet and Greet, Social Volleyball with ANU Sport
Tuesday 25 - ANU Tomorrow, Your Rights and Wellbeing 
Wednesday 26 - Market Day, Mystery Night
Thursday 27 - HDR Presentation -- Meet Your Future Self, Christmas in July with ANUSA
Friday 28 - PARSA Unwind, Social Futsal with ANU Sport
Saturday 29 - PARSA Big Day
Monday 31 - Postgraduate Student Welcome with Brian Schmidt
PARSA will be providing hot chocolate on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday alongside ANUSA’s ULH to keep you warm and toasty.
Stay tuned to our Facebook event page for more information on upcoming Welcome Week events.
Level 1, Building 17, Union Court, ANU Campus, Canberra, AU
02 6125 2603 /[email protected]
02 6125 2444 / [email protected]
02 6125 4187 /[email protected]
想要了解更多PARSA活动,请关注facebook主页:PARSA-ANU Postgraduate and Research Students’ Association
ANU Student Association
The ANU Students’ Association or ‘ANUSA’ is the peak representative body for all undergraduate students at ANU. If you’re an undergraduate student then you’re automatically a member of ANUSA.
We’re best known for organising O-Week, the biggest social event on the ANU calendar, but ANUSA does so much more than this.
ANUSA is made up of forty elected student representatives and a team of professional staff members. This includes two lawyers and two Student Assistance Officers who are here to provide free and confidential services to you!
What Do We Do?
We’re responsible for advocating and furthering the interests of our members to the University.
Our objectives are outlined in our constitution but our three major aims are to:
Promote the welfare and further the interest of our members, in particular to work for quality and equity in higher education
Afford a recognised means of representation for our members both within and outside the university
Promote the social life of our members
To put it simply, the three pillars of our organisation are welfare, advocacy and social.
Who Are We?
Well, firstly, ANUSA is made up of its members, the approximately 11,000 undergraduate students studying at ANU. So if you’re an undergraduate student studying at ANU, that’s you!
Our representatives are elected by the undergraduate student body in elections that take place in semester two each year. Elected positions are:
Six executives:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • General Secretary
  • Social Officer
  • Education Officer
Two College Representatives from each academic college
Fourteen General Representatives
Seven Department Officers representing marginalised groups in our society
  • Disabilities
  • Environment
  • Ethnocultural 
  • International
  • Indigenous
  • Queer*
  • Women
ANUSA also coordinates several student-run committees including:
  • Education Committee
  • Mental Health Committee
  • Safety on Campus Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Students Clubs Council 
Finally, we employ professional staff members, including:
  • Student Assistance Officers
  • Lawyers
  • Operations Manager
  • Financial Controller
  • Communications Officer
  • Administrative Assistants 
Brian Kenyon Student Space
The Brian Kenyon Student Space (BKSS) deserves a special mention all by itself.
The BKSS is a lounge and accessible kitchen located in the heart of ANU at Union Court. Stop by for free tea and stay for the company. Services include:
  • Free tea & instant coffee
  • $1 Nespresso Coffee
  • Free breakfast
  • Chargers for your devices
  • Free condoms & sanitary items
We also run plenty of events from the BKSS so keep an eye out for what’s on.
Get Involved
ANUSA exists to provide services to you, so why not get involved?
  • Sign up for a Club or Society
  • Come along to a department or committee meeting
  • Join one of our awesome social events
  • Or just stop by the BKSS
Where Are We?
Our office is located upstairs in Union Court above Commonwealth Bank. We’re here 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday so stop by and say hi.
ANU Students’ Association
Melville Hall, Building 12, Ellery Crescent, Acton ACT 2601
(02) 6125 2444
Stay In Touch
Are you on Facebook? That’s great, so are we, lets be friends!
https://www.facebook.com/ANUStudentsAssociationTweet? We tweet too: @anustudents 
Instagram more your thing? Yep, we’re also there: ANUStudents
We also send out a regular email letting you know what’s happening. It should go straight to your university email .